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Journey through the Decade

Just a passing-through Kamen Rider

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I see you have found your way to my journal. Its a pleasure to meet you all. This is a friends only journal. I don't plan on ever making it to the public again, Im a 32 year old woman who is gender-fluid, LGBT, FMA LOVING, Cat lovin, Gamer Girl, DS code 4312-9859-5097, Switch Code 5165-8686-0798 Contributing writer at @GamingRebellion

Since I have moved out on my own I love to cook. Creating and finding new things is just amazing.

As of late I have gotten heavy in the Tweets. So if you want to actually follow me my twitter account is:


*stolen from Kiapurity*

* About Me *
Age- 32
Sibs- Two. Two Older brothers, 15 and 12 years older to exact.
Significant Other: @electrotamitha
Zodiac- Gemini or Cancer. Sometimes when I read the horoscope it comes out I could be Gemini once day, Cancer the next. *shrugs* I have gotten used to it.
Favorite Anime- Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Hellsing.
Favorite Manga- Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Please Teacher, Fruits Basket
Favorite Show- Rupaul's Drag Race, Bar Rescue, and several youtubers.
Favorite Movie- Shit...to many to pick I am a horror nut! Hellraiser is a classic, Puppetmaster, 13 Ghosts (original and new) TMNT (original!), Surfs Up was good, Evil Dead Trilogy
Favorite Game- FF7, FF6, FF9, Warioware series, Metalgear Solid series (I can't play them so my husband does and I watch awesome) Mario, Kingdom Hearts Series, Pokemon, Minecraft
Favorite Food- Japanese food, Italian, Mexican
Favorite Drink- Vitamin Water (most flavors!

As you notice I got alot of random things on my info page. But that about sums me up. I am random!

Since I am a writer I might as well show you where I post most of my stuff.
Please visit:

These are my kitties!
#1 cat site for cats & bipeds!


Naruto is "MY WAY OF THE NINJA" Love