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17 September 2004 @ 06:16 pm
For all those who Read this *Yes I do know who does *winks evil* I want everyone to know...The cats Are mine. Thats the end of that story and for anyones information I am not giving the cats to the pound. If anything they would have gone to a no kill place if it came to that but you know what we pulled the money together and guess what they are going to fly back to Indiana :) So Anyone who wants to start rumors can kiss my white ass and like.

The only reason I said anything at all was because when it came down to it, if we couldn't take the cats then we could and we would get back to Adam's mother. She is on her dying bed and the only mother I have right now. So everyone can mind their own business when it comes to my cats.


On other news I am getting ready to get out of this hell hole and away from my ex roommate what a fucken liar he is. Like today he told me he met all these famous people and how truckers can make everything a tax write off even Hookers. Ummm Hookers are illegal except in Vegas...and besides my brother was a trucker and I did it with him for over a month.

I swear lies pour out of his mouth like a running facet. Sigh I can't wait to get the hell away from these supposed people.


And one other thing...Just for everyones info this journal will be friends only. I am tired of people who shouldn't care reading it and starting shit cause they can't let go. So This is my last Open Post Happy Reading!

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29 May 2004 @ 10:27 am
Today is the mark of our 1st Anniversary!!! Yes we are together for one full year. We made it when no one thought we would. After all that has happened. I LOVE YOU HUN!
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01 August 2003 @ 08:37 pm
A long time ago there was a restaurant where all the kitties went. As the cats would enter, the maitre'd would take their tails and hang them in a closet. Each kitty was given a numbered tag so they could retrieve their tails at the end of dinner. One night though, there was a horrible fire in the kitchen. It spread fast and soon kitties were rushing all about in an attempt to escape the blaze. In the commotion, cats were just grabbing any tail they could get their frenzied paws on. As a result many cats got the wrong tails. It is for this reason that cats to this day sniff each other's backsides...They seek to find their original tails.

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