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Journey through the Decade

Just a passing-through Kamen Rider

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I see you have found your way to my journal. Its a pleasure to meet you all. This is a friends only journal. I don't plan on ever making it to the public again, Sorry! I am a 26 year old girl who likes to watch Anime, draws, read, write and listen to music. Most of my tastes right now fall in the Japanese category but that doesn't throw off my Italian Heritage. Since I have moved out on my own I love to cook. Creating and finding new things is just amazing.

As of late I have gotten heavy in the Tweets. So if you want to actually follow me my twitter account is:


*stolen from Kiapurity*

* About Me *
Age- 27
Sibs- Two. Two Older brothers, 15 and 12 years older to exact.
Significant Other: atrustaijitu
Zodiac- Gemini or Cancer. Sometimes when I read the horoscope it comes out I could be Gemini once day, Cancer the next. *shrugs* I have gotten used to it.
Favorite Anime- Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Hellsing.
Favorite Manga- Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Please Teacher, Fruits Basket
Favorite Show- I don't watch so much tv except MagiRanger, PGSM (Figure it out yourself), Kamen Rider Den-O, Two and half men, And...thats about it right now I most watch Anime T_T;
Favorite Movie- Shit...to many to pick I am a horror nut! Hellraiser is a classic, Puppetmaster, 13 Ghosts (original and new) TMNT (original!), Surfs Up was good, Evil Dead Trilogy, Cars
Favorite Game- FF7, FF6, FF9, Warioware series, Metalgear Solid series (I can't play them so my husband does and I watch awesome) Mario, Kingdom Hearts Series.
Favorite Food- Japanese food, Italian, Mexican
Favorite Drink- Vitamin Water (most flavors!

As you notice I got alot of random things on my info page. But that about sums me up. I am random!

Since I am a writer I might as well show you where I post most of my stuff.
Please visit:

These are my kitties!
#1 cat site for cats & bipeds!


Naruto is "MY WAY OF THE NINJA" Love

Cloud Strife is love

18 OR OLDER NO MINORS!!! I help run the community, and I wont let you in...